New Way Montessori School


The history of the New Way Montessori School begins with Lee Havis in his long journey into the field of Montessori teaching, which began as a teacher in 1969.  Following his study and learning in this field, he discovered a new understanding of Montessori teaching in 1979, which led to his creation of the International Montessori Society and conducting over 150 international training workshops since then.

In 2003, following a long train of workshop trainings throughout the world, Lee consolidated a body of knowledge in the field, which he called the “technology” of Montessori teaching.  Since then, he has been looking to conduct experiments with this technology, including its complete functioning in an operational school setting.  One such recent experiment was conducted in Idaho from 2006-2010, under the name “New Way Montessori School”.  Now, Lee offers this experience as an invitation for others to join in this undertaking with similar schools throughout the world.

Lee is currently complete his primary text in the field, entitled “Technology of Montessori Teaching”, which will include all its practical guidance for Montessori teaching in one single volume.  Besides that, he has produced an audio cd and study guide for learning the technology as well.  In addition, he conducts a distance learning course to prepare for Montessori teaching, which includes a substantial presentation of the IMS technology.

In poor countries, Lee has initiated a “Character Teaching” project which is designed to establish and operate within this format of school functioning as well.  The New Way Montessori School can now be operated in any location where there is suitable direction by a skilled, trained Montessori teacher.  The school director should have completed the IMS distance learning course, or otherwise have sufficient IMS training to serve in a responsible role in the school operation.  Inquire to follow up with Lee at