New Way Montessori School

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of New Way Montessori School is to provide an environment that support children in their true normal development as discovered and described by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907. The school aims to achieve this purpose by following a scientific way of being committed to laws of nature, to control the environment, not the child. In this approach, the child is viewed as a spiritual being with its own perfect inner guidance for complete self-directed development.

The philosophy of Montessori teaching comes from the research and experience of Dr. Maria Montessori, who in 1907 discovered the child’s true nature by observing young children in their free activity with self-teaching materials. Her further research revealed this nature as consisting of various normal qualities, such as spontaneous self-discipline, love of over and perfect harmony with others. Discovering this profound truth logically provoked Dr. Montessori to scientifically study how to consistently bring this about in practice. In time, this practical scientific research became known as Montessori teaching.

New Way Montessori School follows this scientific type of true natural Montessori teaching by using a specialized technology designed precisely for this purpose. In 2003, this technology became available through the research of Lee Havis, executive director of International Montessori Society and member of the New Way Montessori School’s board of trustees. Using this technology lends clarity and precision to the process of Montessori teaching.