New Way Montessori School

Health and Safety Policies


The New Way Montessori School will not allow any child who is ill with a contagious or communicable disease to attend the program. If, in the opinion of the responsible school staff, a child arrives at the school and is ill, the staff member will refuse to admit the child. If a child becomes ill while the child is at school, the responsible program staff will immediately notify the parent and isolate the child until the child is picked up. The parent or guardian must pick up a sick child as soon as possible.

Administration of Medicine

The program’s personnel will not administer prescription medication to a child unless the program has the prescription bottle with a label which states:

the name of the child

the name of the medication,

the dosage,

the time(s) it is to be given, and

the name of the physician.

In addition, the parent must provide a signed, written consent for any medication to be given. If the director deems it necessary the program may also require a note from the doctor to administer over-the-counter medication. The container of any medicine to be administered by the program’s personnel must be clearly labeled with the name of the child, the name of the medicine, the dosage and the name and telephone of the child’s physician. The container , along with the required written consent , must be personally delivered to the program director. A child’s parent or guardian may come to the school at any time to give their child medication.


If a child is injured or becomes seriously ill while at school, the child will be taken to the , closest available hospital, St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center. The Emergency Information form allows the school to have the child transported to a hospital emergency room and treated there. It is necessary for each parent to complete the Emergency Information form so that the program staff can contact the parent or other authorized person in any emergency. The parent must notify the school if there is any change in the information on the form (such as telephone number, employer, etc.)


Before being admitted to the school and while enrolled, each child must have up-to-date immunizations to assure safety of all children from communicable diseases. Parents must provide written evidence of these immunizations before enrollment and must provide evidence of any new immunizations the child receives while enrolled.

Procedures for Suspected Child Abuse Cases

The school will investigate any evidence or suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Parents are expected to cooperate in this process to assure their child’s physical safety.

Release of Child to Intoxicated/Drugged Parent

There is no guarantee that a parent or other authorized person will not arrive at the school intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. In order to protect the children from any potential danger that could arise because of a parent’s condition, and to protect the school against potential claims, it is the policy of the school to take all reasonable steps to avoid releasing a child to a person in a drugged or intoxicated state. Accordingly, if, in the opinion of the responsible staff member present at the school at the time, a parent or authorized person who arrives to transport the child home is in an intoxicated or drugged condition, the staff member will:

(a) Notify any other parent or guardian of the situation;

(b) Ask the person to leave their car at the school and take the child home using another means of transportation home; and,

(c) Offer to call another relative, friend or taxi (at the parent’s expense) to drive the person and child home.

If the parent or guardian insists on driving the child home, the responsible school staff member may notify the local police department. If police officers agree that the parent or authorized person is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, the parent or authorized person may be charged with public drunkenness and/or DUI.