New Way Montessori School

Admission Policies


Children are generally eligible for enrollment in the program on a first-come basis, provided that adequate space and physical resources are available. They will be expected, however, to use the bathroom on their own.

The program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin. It favors long-term, regular participation to enhance the well-being of the total group. Enrollment preference shall, therefore, be given to: (a) children from families residing in the school’s immediate neighborhood area , (b) children applying for the full-day program rather than part-day only , (c) children with brothers or sisters already enrolled , ( d) children in age range needed for an evenly-distributed mixed-age grouping.

Children with physical or mental handicapping conditions shall be accepted only upon the discretion of the program director, who may set conditions on the enrollment of such children for the benefit of all the children in the group. The program director will, therefore, determine if the program can effectively meet the needs of the handicapped child without jeopardizing the school’s responsibility and commitment to the well-being of the other children in the group. A favorable medical statement from the child’s doctor shall be required prior to enrollment of such a child.

Initial Interview

An initial interview with the program director is required to determine whether the program can successfully meet the particular needs of both the parents and the child .

Based on the initial interview and other eligibility criteria, the program director will determine a child’s qualification to enroll. At this meeting, parents receive all necessary forms to apply for enrollment into the program, and a copy of the Enrollment Agreement and Parent Handbook.

Waiting List

If enrollment in the program is full or a child is too young or is otherwise ineligible at that time, parents will be placed on a waiting list in numerical order. When space becomes available, the parent next on the list with highest priority will be contacted at the proper time and given an opportunity to enroll the child in the program.

Enrollment Agreement

Every parent must complete and sign the Enrollment Agreement, and all attached forms, prior to the child’s enrollment in the program. All information submitted on the Agreement and the attached forms must be updated on an annual basis.

Terms of Payment

The Enrollment Agreement sets forth the parents’ obligation to make tuition payment to the school in a timely and complete manner. All tuition charges and penalties are explained in the Enrollment Agreement.

Notice of Tuition Increase

The monthly tuition rate is subject to change. The program director will give the parent one (1) month written notice of any such change.